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So … let’s talk.

I was chatting with one of our members of The Inner Circle program last week and at the end of our session she said something that stuck with me.  She said “You know what?  It’s just nice to have somebody to talk to at the moment.”

I took that personally.

And so, we’ve created opportunities for Teachers, Assistant Principals and Prins to get together and just chat.  Won’t that be nice … to just chat with other like-minded educators in your role who deeply understand what you’re currently working through?

We’re also going to give you something to chat about in the form of three specifically crafted White Papers that you’ll receive beforehand, as a reward for registering.

Click here to watch a quick video of us explaining those White Papers and what you’ll be getting from coming along for a chat. 

Register for Teacher chat on Thursday 14th May at 4pm and receive Amy’s free White Paper by heading to

Simon’s White Paper for APs is coming when you head to and register for the AP Chat on Friday 15th May at 9am.

Prin Chat is on Friday 15th May at 1pm.  If you’re a Prin and looking for Adam’s White Paper you can head to and we’ll get you organised.

Yeah.  Let’s chat.