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Some Things Just Aren’t Tolerable

Do Our Schools Have Anger Issues?

Let’s look at the facts:

* 46% of our male students and 26% of our female students report that they have been in physical fights.
* 74% of Teachers report a low understanding the physiological importance and the effect of anger in our bodies/brains is the key to better behavioural choices.
* 60-70% of our students view their anger as a “bad part of them”.

These statistics add up to an anger epidemic in our schools.  And while we may recognise that this warrants addressing, the big problem is what we do
about it and where do we begin.

Well, here’s where our FREE Webinar ‘Succeeding with Angry & Aggressive Students’ steps in!

Through your participation on October 16th 2014 at 3.30pm (AEDT) you will:

Develop strategies for discussing and teaching about anger.
Establish key understandings of how to train students to think and act BEFORE their anger turns to aggression.
Learn about “The Anger Rules” that students can easily adopt and follow.
Access a set of resources to assist you in dealing with this highly difficult and emotive aspect of contemporary teaching.

Click here to register immediately!

Welcome Aboard … One and All!

Welcome aboard to our latest Partner and Member Schools.  In just the last few weeks, we’ve signed off on long-term Partnerships with:

Deer Park West Primary School (Investing in Teacher Capacity & Relationship Building)
Glen Huntly Primary School (Investing in Teacher Capacity)
Langwarrin Primary School (Building a Restorative School)
Monmia Primary School (Investing in Teacher Capacity)
Moulden Park Primary School (Advanced Restorative Practices)
Nightcliff Primary School (Investing in Focused Teaching)
St.Joseph’s Regional College (Building a Restorative School)
Swan Hill Specialist School (Building a Restorative School)
Werribee Primary School (Investing in Teacher Capacity)
Yarra Hills Secondary College (Leading a Successful School Culture)
We’re now sending out a free gift to our Real Schools Members and Partners too.  This foyer poster will be arriving in their mailboxes very shortly as a reminder to Parents as to why you do what you do.  We’re setting up a specifically designed Parent Page to support your engagement with community.  You told us that genuine cultural shift can’t be improved without Parents – and we listened.