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Special Guest for our April FREE Webinar – Angela Lockwood.

We don’t allow just any old Tom, Dick or Harry (or Angela!) to guest host our webinars.  The good news is that Ange is far from ordinary and she comes with a message that is critical for today’s Teachers and School Leaders.  In fact, if we don’t start looking after ourselves as educators soon – there won’t be enough good ones left in this great schools caper.

If you are thinking “I might be too busy for a webinar this week” then you are the very person who cannot afford to miss this special event.

Drawing upon a long career working with children, individuals, schools and organisations, Angela knows how to integrate the skills of slowing down into the fast-paced and pressured lives of educators.In this webinar Angela will show you how to:

  • Recognise when it’s time to switch off and how to take immediate action.
  • Understand your behaviours and triggers to prevent a melt-down.
  • Build habits that help you flick the switch between focus, productivity and rest so you can have the energy to take you through the year.

Whether you’re needing time to contemplate big decisions, feeling burnt out in need of a holiday, or just needing some time to clear space in your life, this webinar will introduce you to a practical framework to help you slow down and take control.


This Real Schools Webinar is aimed at Teachers, School Leaders and Administrators of all phases of learning.