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I quite like the idea of choosing a “big word” for the year ahead that will guide my thoughts and actions across the next twelve calendar months.

But, I’ve buggered it up a couple of times. I tried to choose naff, corporate words that were about doing more and being more. I tried “growth” and “excellence” and mostly annoyed myself trying to live up to their connotations.

I think the best word I chose was “blob”. It wasn’t about sitting like an unmoving lump on the couch, but more about the old 1950s horror movie “The Blob” and it’s slow, yet relentless, absorbing of the opportunities that find their way into the blob’s path.

I had a bit of fun with that word and its weirdness kept it top of mind for me. I reckon your big word needs to be a bit weird and obscure too.

I’ve not yet got a big word for 2022, but a couple of weeks ago, my friend Georgia Murch, told me her word for 2022 was “sunshine”. She explained simply that it’s something she wants to feel after a couple years of lockdown … and also something she wants to be for others.

I reckon they’re great criteria for your year, your teaching, your leadership and your word:
1) what do you want to find more of this year?
2) what do you want those around you to find more of this year?

With those criteria in mind, I reckon I’ll find a word to lead me in the right direction. I reckon you will too.

Keep fighting that good fight,

PS. OK, I WANT YOU AT THIS ONE! We’re launching both the Real Schools App and the Kokoda Schools Project App on January 21 at a free online event. I really hope you’ll register here and come along. We’ve got some amazing speakers and stories lined up and this is something that has huge potential for your school staff. See ya there?

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