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Support and connection.

Support and connection.  These are the hallmarks of The Inner Circle.

Support, in that you’ll be walking the next 12-months of implementing Restorative Practices … with me.  Having done this as a School Leader and Principal myself and with dozens of Australian schools since, I get the obstacles and the know the pathways around those obstacles.  And I’m all yours!

Connection, in that you’ll be doing it in the company of 11 other school leaders.  You’ll share policies, templates, action plans, research, case studies and challenges in a way that deprivatises good leadership practice in other schools.  To put it simply, you won’t be re-inventing the restorative wheel.

Essentially, this Newsletter is a rather not-so-subtle hint that places for Intake 1 (commencing on February 1) are almost exhausted and that you should submit an immediate Expression Of Interest at this link rather promptly – 

The Inner Circle is a 12-month Mentoring Program designed to meaningfully support school leaders who:

  1. are looking to establish Restorative Practices as the foundation of their School Culture.
  2. are existing Real Schools Partners looking for greater implementation support.
  3. are former Real Schools Partners looking to ensure that the Partnership is more legacy work than ancient history.

What do you get?

  • Two online Inner Circle group mentoring Zoom sessions per term.
  • One personal online productivity session per semester with me.
  • 10 x Inner Circle podcasts in the series “Leading a Restorative School”
  • 4 x Inner Circle e-books in the series “The Restorative Leader”
  •  Full connectivity and sharing of documentation with the other 11 members of your Inner Circle group.
  • Exclusive policy samples and templates.
  • Access to the Inner Circle online community.

It’ll set you back just $2,750 (plus GST) 

Just drop us a line at if you’d like more info and we’ll send you a full Prospectus or check out our dedicated The Inner Circle Webpage where it’s available as a quick and easy download.