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Supporting new and graduate Teachers – it’s core business.

Two things have struck me in the conversations I’ve had with countless School Leaders in the frantic days that have been the start of the new school year:

  1. Everybody mentions Staff Turnover and how many new and/or graduate Teachers they have in the school.  This is always a recognition that the challenge of supporting these Teachers is critical to strategic achievement.
  2. That very few schools have explicit and consistent programs or long-term supports in place to succeed in that very clear and present challenge.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve had an influx of enrolments in our innovative Teacher FastTrack Program.  To be honest, this program was born from a dare.  I was told that you can’t support Teachers effectively when it comes to classroom practice unless you are face-to-face.  I think that’s nonsense.  Teachers today are more ready than ever to learn through a multitude of modes and beyond the “sage on the stage”.

The TFT is, in a nutshell, :

  • 12 months of 10 online video modules (we’re not silly enough to send them in December or January!) on topics that impact teacher effectiveness most deeply.
  • Answering reflective questions to contextualize key points.
  • Working with a local mentor, who is also supported throughout the program.
  • Being coached by a leading expert in student behaviour and engagement.
  • Access to an extraordinary bank of additional resources and supports.
  • A fully flexible start date meaning you begin when you’re ready.  Even right now.

Here’s what you can do to get Teachers at your school involved.  Simply click on this link where you can download the Prospectus, watch the Introductory Video and even register immediately.  Umm … that’s it.

Do your new or grad Teachers need to struggle along any longer?