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Supporting our Graduates – A FB Live for School Leaders

Remember your first day on the job? Your first classroom to decorate or lessons to prepare?

Exciting, scary, overwhelming? All of the above.

Will the kids like me? What about the parents? Will I even be able to teach?

And now as an experienced teacher or school leader, you find yourself supporting graduates as they ask these questions too. Your role is to help answer these questions, reassure them, make them feel like it will all be OK (because you know it will be).

Only it’s not that easy, is it? You probably have a class of your own, no doubt with ‘the tricky kid’ because experience comes with being able to teach them as well as your whole class, you have more responsibility beyond the classroom because you know how to organise the excursions, where the tennis balls are kept for emergency PE lessons and how to get everyone’s attention with just one look. This is the role of the experienced teacher, and now you can mentor a new teacher too. 

It’s hard, isn’t it? Not that you’d ever admit it. Be strong teacher. Be strong. 

Only you deserve some support too. Someone to help you, someone to help your graduates. 

Our graduates are walking into teaching which is no doubt probably not what they expected. There is so much to do, lessons to plan and teach, students to get to know and a new school and work environment to navigate. It’s is hard and you are doing the best you can to help.

But how can you possibly give them the time they need, check-in every day, give feedback on that lesson or provide ideas around the clock? You have your own responsibilities too. 

Well, I’d like to help. 

Let me introduce Real Schools Academy. An academy designed to support our graduate teachers, experienced teachers, and those in leadership, including you too. 

We have just launched, and we would love to invite you to find out more here

Take a look, sign up, share with your colleagues. SIGN UP NOW!
Take advantage of our early bird offers too.

Plus, join us on our FB live at 4 pm AEST this Thursday, 5th March, where I will share with you a little bit more about what Real Schools Academy is, how it will support our graduate teachers, and what we have in store. You won’t want to miss this. 

Follow our page and watch Facebook live here.