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Surviving Your First Year Of Teaching – Introducing Real Schools Academy.

By now you are probably having those ‘Is this really what teaching is like?’ thoughts.
Days are long, intense, challenging.

You have learnt to eat on the run, hold your bladder until the next break and unjam the photocopier – none of which they taught you at university.

Welcome to teaching.

Teaching: a job where calling in sick is harder than actually going to work – you’ll figure this out soon enough. 

What if though, school life was that little bit easier? What if you knew how to get things done a bit quicker, be more organised, have stuff done in time? 

Here it is, my number 1 tip for doing just that… 

Never leave school without being prepared 100% for the next day. EVER. Lessons planned and organised, today’s books marked, emails sorted/deleted/replied to, classroom tidy, timetable ready, photocopying done, resources cut up and organised, PPTs made, posts on Google Classroom, a few tricks up your sleeve for when students finish faster than you thought or a lesson doesn’t go to plan. EVERYTHING.

Exhausting isn’t it?

I guess now is a good time to introduce to you Real Schools Academy, we are here, and ready to help you make it out alive (OK that might be a bit dramatic, let’s just get you to end of term with a smile on your face).

Starting May 4th we are launching 18 courses all designed to support teachers both in and out of the classroom, including 6, especially for graduates! 

Find Real Schools Academy here.

Take a look, sign up, share with your colleagues. SIGN UP NOW!
Take advantage of our early bird offers too.

Plus, check us out on our FB live at 4pm AEST this Thursday, February 27th, where I will be sharing with you a little bit more about what Real Schools Academy is and what we have in store for you in 2020!. You won’t want to miss this. 

Follow our page and watch Facebook live here.