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Taking on “cancelled” culture

Yep, aren’t we sick to death of seeing the word “Cancelled” next to everything we wanted to do this year?

I was going to see my favourite band from my nightclub days of the early 1990s “Boom Crash Opera”.  They rocked!  But alas …. Coronavirus.

I’ve also watched event after event for Principals, APs and Teachers cancelled across the year – including ours at Real Schools.  So I do hope you’re enjoying our Wednesday arvo Video Tutorials that we’re using to step into that breach.

But now, I’m also offering a special online keynote presentation for any Prin or AP networks who are looking to ensure that 2020 isn’t a year devoid of challenge, provocation and professional growth. 

Restoring Teacher Respect is a FREE Keynote that I’ll personally beam into your next Prin or AP Network Meeting.
It’s about how we can, now that parents have had a peek behind the curtain of what it takes to be a Teachers, rapidly seize this truly historical opportunity to reposition teaching as a profession to be aspired to by the entire country – starting in your School Community.
You don’t ring, you don’t email and you definitely don’t pay.  You just click on this Calendly Link to book the date and time that works for you – we then do the rest. 
We’ve established a new studio for video presentation and invested in cutting-edge software to ensure this is an interactive, easy and collaborative experience.  New toys – how exciting!
This is my 2020 gift to you as a thanks for everything you’ve endured.  I hope you’ll accept it with the gratitude that I have for you all and that we can be in each other’s company soon.

Warm regards,