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Talking not reporting

A couple of times a year, at least in a formalised way, we report to parents.  And that’s both a good thing and plenty.

In your broader communications home, such as our weekly/fortnightly newsletters, I’d like to suggest that you stop reporting.

Stop reporting the list of students who won “student of the week” … when my child didn’t.

Stop reporting on the excursion to the museum by some random class … when my child didn’t go.

Stop reporting on the house winners of the swimming sports … when my child is in the chess club.

And stop reporting on changes to your canteen menu alongside an update to the uniform policy that now excludes white socks with labels on them … as my child already wears the right socks.

Talk to me about the intersection between your expertise and the very reasons I send my child to your school.

Talk to me about how amazing the school is, the special skills of your teachers and the progress you’ve made in teaching and learning.  Use the word pedagogy and make me wonder what it means before needing to consult and expert … like you.

Talk to me about your approaches to collaboration, conflict resolution, bullying and creativity because these impact my child’s social development.  Reduce my anxiety by letting me know your plan and your confidence in that plan.

You’re better than organisers of stuff that you can report on.  You’re professionals with skills and capabilities that others should envy.

Talk to me about your superpowers.  Let me feel safe in your hands.  Let me, once more, trust you.

Keep fighting that good fight.

PS. With so many schools planning for 2023, now is the perfect time to consider a Real Schools Partnership.  Not yesterday, not tomorrow … now.  Let’s talk about that by having you book a meeting directly with me at this link.

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