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Teacher – how are you?

‘I’m OK’
‘I’m fine’
‘Not bad’

But really – how are you?

No matter how you feel, it is valid, real and important.

No feeling is good or bad, positive or negative, OK or not OK. All emotions and feelings matter and should be recognised. Pushing down these feelings, or not sharing them, can lead to increased anxiety, stress or resentment. Long term, this isn’t good for us. It isn’t good for our wellbeing.

Instead, learn to see your feelings as data for what you are experiencing in life. From here, you can use them to make a decision that works for you.

It is not our feelings which are good or bad, positive or negative, OK or not OK, but instead what we do with them that matters.

So, take a moment to ask yourself ‘How do I really feel?’. Use this data to help you make a decision and take action. It might be a conversation you need to have, an action you need to take, a change you need to make, a truth you need to acknowledge, or something else. Acknowledge your feelings, let them be and use the data they give you. That is the best we can do.