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Term 4 love

Term 4 is a time to focus on the positives and celebrate – because that brings joy.

Term 4 is a time to reflect on distance covered – because that is the joy of learning.

Term 4 is a time to consider and plan – because we deserve joy in the future too.

Term 4 can also be a grind.

So, protect the joys of Term 4 fiercely ok.  If Covid has taken some of them away, permit yourself to just create some new joys.  We all need and deserve joy in our schools.


This week Amy is discussing how to approach planning, especially as a new teacher. Join her on Tuesday at 5pm live on our FB page as she answers this question: ‘As a new teacher, I am not sure how to tackle planning units of work, what is the best way to do this so I get everything taught in the year?’

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This week only, I’m providing a free extract from my book ‘Restoring Teaching’.  It’s Chapter One and is titled “This Shit Has To Stop”.  I’ve labelled that shit as:

– Kids who lie
– The Trashing of Teacher Reputation
– Bullying
– The Decline in Emotional Intelligence
– Teacher Reliance on Power

If you’d like that chapter sent to you as a PDF,  just click here



With so many schools now planning for 2021 and wondering how they can focus on what really matters, it’s the perfect time to give some thought to our 3-year School Culture Partnerships.

By Partnering with a proven and successful School Principal we support and resource a full transformation in the culture of your school.  We can tackle student behaviour challenges, we can take teacher practice to the next level, we can

thoroughly implement Restorative Practices or we can focus on your school’s leadership of culture.  The theme … and the results … will be yours to determine.

This pic represents the enormous platform of resources that will support your school’s tailored cultural transformation.







THOUGHTS by Amy Green

‘There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow without the rainbow itself’

I stumbled upon this quote this week while doing some research on stress and wellbeing. In its essence, the idea is, we all want the pot of gold, but underestimate the importance of the rainbow.

This isn’t just appropriate for wellbeing, but learning too.

As you sit down to write reports this term, don’t forget to focus on the rainbow, not just the pot of gold. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that some students haven’t reached the pot of gold; they aren’t at year level, they didn’t make adequate growth, they are behind their peers.

We need to remember it is the building of the rainbow that counts. Celebrate the individual growth each child has made, how they have become more confident or independent, or how they are better at problem solving or now see writing as fun rather than a struggle.

Each rainbow is different, everyone is building their own, and not everyone is striving for the same pot of gold.

EPIPHANIES by Adam Voigt

I’ve been reflecting on my time as a Principal and the wins we had – some big and some small.  And then I reflected on my state when these wins occurred.

What sort of state was I typically in when we had a big win?  Well, mostly I was projecting a version of myself that was optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic.

I’m not saying that causation equals correlation.  There were times when I was optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic – and we still had problems.

But that I can’t recall a time when we won big while my state was compromised tells me something.  It tells me a lot actually.

Look after your state as a leader and teacher.  It’s tilts the odds of a win in your favour.

Warm regards,