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The Lunch Box Wars

We’re running a FREE webinar on Thursday, 18th of June at 3.30pm (AEST).

I’ve been amazed at the number of Teachers who are lately talking to me about their concerns about student health. In particular, they are concerned about the food that parents are choosing to fuel their children’s brains and bodies.  But how do we talk to them about it without being told to … well you know!

Let’s call in an expert on this one!

We’re delighted to have nutrition and wellness expert Lisa Renn joining us as a guest presenter for this webinar. Lisa has explored deeply the problem that many Teachers tell me they are having around School Lunches and, frankly, the garbage that some kids are coming to schools with to apparently fuel thinking, engagement and performance.

Lisa has a passion for moving on from the angst that many Teachers are feeling around how to change this scenario. To this effect, the webinar will provide all educators who attend with:

* Cutting edge knowledge about exactly which foods contribute most positively to short and long term student performance.
* A guide to the battles we need to pick (and win!) when it comes to the foods that are detrimental to performance.
* Some easy to implement strategies for our own health, wellbeing and staying at our best – even through the dreaded lurgie season.
* Practical methods for handling the conversation with Parents of students whose lunch boxes are holding them back.

No matter your phase of learning, this webinar will be a game changer. Lisa abounds with passion, knowledge, practical expertise and enthusiasm for this topic. I’m honestly not sure you can afford to miss this one.