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The short answer … as soon as you decide they will be!

I’m in countless conversations with our Partner and Member Schools all around Australia.  All are determined and conscientious about their improvement agendas … but life gets in the way of the greatest plans sometimes.

What exactly, in schools, do we mean by ‘life getting in the way’?  Well, as much as our Staff and our Students are our greatest assets in school improvement, they can also be the greatest anchors on change.  You see, we get in our own way sometimes – and it’s usually about wellbeing, behaviour and culture.

Enough of that!  We won’t tell you what you should do, what programs you should select or which whiz-bang intervention you should be hitching your wagon to at our School Culture Conferences.  What we’ll do is show you how to create the human, collegial and relational conditions (that’s culture!) that will give your decisions and your strategic actions the opportunity to thrive.  For once, you can stop and spend a little time navigating a course towards genuine wholistic success.

If this sounds ok, then read on good friend because opportunity is knocking this winter and places are filling fast!

Day One of the each School Culture Conference is with acclaimed School Principal and School Wellbeing Expert, Ryan Martin, who will work your backside off through a day titled “ Getting Real About Staff Wellbeing.
Day Two is with School Principal and Behaviour/Bullying Expert Adam Voigt and addresses the elephant in the classroom –  just what really can be done in our quest of “Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement”.

Need a bit more info … or just like registering the old-fashioned way with a form?  Drop a line and we’ll flick the Conference Prospectus your way.