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The single most important thing I did as a School Leader.

School Leaders are busy.  We do a lot of … well … stuff.
But this I know to be true.  Of all the stuff that I did, one single act was more important than the mountain of others.  It was making the decision that mine would become a restorative school.
And the proof for the return on that decision is rather straight forward.  Restorative Practices made me and the people around me more effective and less stressed.  Especially given the year that 2020 has been so far, that seriously can’t be a bad thing.

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Make the choice to forget what you think you know about working restoratively for a moment.  We’re leveling up here.  We call our Restorative Practices approach RP2.0 and it’s both a simpler and more comprehensive way for schools to function.
It’ll impact the language of the people in your school.  It’ll impact the conduct of both students and teachers.  It’ll have pedagogical and instructional implications. And it’ll change the mindset of all stakeholders about what’s fair and right.
But what it won’t be is additional work.  RP2.0 is no program or additional strategy.
It’s just a better way to be.
RP2.0 is the key to a fulfilling future in education.  Take it.  Come along on Wednesday.

Warm regards,