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The truth about RP.

Here’s the truth about Restorative Practices and schools – it hasn’t always been rolled out so well.  Sometimes that’s been because you’ve been trained by people who just don’t get schools – the time constraints, the purpose, the pressure from parents who just don’t get it or the rusted-on staff member who says “but there has to be a consequence”

Here’s one more truth about RP.  When it’s key principles and philosophies are authentically embedded in the context of a school – it works!  It just requires an upgrade of what we thought RP was.  We’re calling that upgrade RP2.0.

I’ll be running a FREE Video Tutorial to unpack RP2.0 on Wednesday 29th July at 3.45pm AEST (and before you ask – YES, we’re recording it for those who find this timing sucks!  Just register and you’ll get that recording sent to you).

The sweetener for actually attending is a handy gift – my new book “Restoring Teaching”.  We’ll be popping a copy in the mail to any educator, anywhere in the world who invests an hour in the future of your school’s culture by coming along.

You can register now by clicking here!

This RP2.0 model has some promises within it:

  • To reduce your school’s reliance on programs to improve student conduct.
  • To increase the effectiveness and reduce the stress levels of your educators.
  • To provide a pathway forward for your school to develop the culture you want via a practice-based revolution that positions your teachers as experts in the eyes of your parents and students.

So, I’ll see you there?  Yeah?

Warm regards,