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There are better ways to be heard … loud and clear.

Jane D. Hull described the importance of schools and parents coming together when she said “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

She’s onto something!  But the truth is that the task of involving parents, let alone building genuine and ongoing commitment, is now more complex and difficult than ever.  Yet, it’s also high among our strategic imperatives … after all, we’re fans of success!

Our next FREE Real Schools Webinar is titled “Making Contact – New & Effective Ways to Communicate With Parents”.  It’s on Wednesday 10th August at 3.30pm and you can register here.

So … let’s get strategic.  In this webinar you will encounter:

  • The tools for breaking through the white noise of communication to be heard by parents.
  •  The methods by which written, verbal and electronic communications can compliment each other.
  • The message types that ring loudest in our parents ears.
  • A realistic balance between proactive and reactive parent communication tips and tricks.
  • The mobilising strategies so that parents step up in support rather than complaint.
  • The best ways to deal with parent complaints – even when they are aggressive, belligerent or wrong.

I’ve always contended that the most significant cause of all stress is the absence of a plan.  No more should your school be communicating with parents without a plan in place as a safety net.  It’s time we got this right!

This webinar is targeted at current and prospective Principals and School Leaders of all phases of learning.

Further, parent connection is a critically important component of contemporary School Leadership. Don’t miss your opportunity to benefit you work, your career, your effectiveness and your school.