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There is Love

In our schools, there are so many wonderful people making wonderful experiences for our students, and I just want to take a moment to shout out to our Support Staff. Our SLSOs, Aides and anyone else working alongside our kids who need a little more.

I spent this past weekend with a girlfriend of mine who is fostering a young teen with a host of health and learning issues. This little one has been in the care of my friend since she was just a few months old. A little one left alone in the world with parents unable to cope, she needed a home and a person to love her, and my friend is that person. Her mum. This young teen is full of excitement and a love for life. She is funny, bright and bubbly and also extremely challenging.

There are holes in the walls from her aggressive outbursts. My friend has had more than her fair share of bruises and plenty of tears. The young one is immediately remorseful and disappointed by her own actions and yet still unable to control them. There is real love. There is a connection, and there is safety in knowing that at no time will my friend be giving up on her. There is never a question that they belong together, in this world and with these challenges. My friend is awe-inspiring to be sure; she is steadfast, loyal and true and is helping to shape a young one who, without her, would have been lost to the system.

The Staff at the school she attends are right there with them. The little one is often suspended due to aggression, and yet the staff are steadfast, loyal and true. They know it is hard, painful and yet so incredibly important. My friend would be lost without these amazing people.

To the wonderful people working with our young ones who need a little more – thank you for your patience, your dedication and your love. Your work is helping to keep young people safe, change their life trajectory and to let them know that they are never alone.

We see you, and we thank you.

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