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There’s Never Enough Time

I was recently running a PL day for a school and the need to address time management was a high priority for nearly every teacher in the room.

I took them through my 4-step process to help reclaim time, including some mindset strategies and practical approaches.

Too often we head straight to the practical steps when trying to make a change, when where we really need to start is with our thinking.

Some of the common stories and beliefs which were shared regarding time, that I am sure you will relate to, included:

  • I never have enough time
  • There is too much to do
  • The work never ends
  • I need more time
  • If only I had more time

What was also interesting was that when we talked about this, those in the room shared that just saying or reading these stories and beliefs made them feel rushed, stressed and even anxious.

We then changed these stories and beliefs to be more positive and empowering. Here’s an example of this:

  • I never have enough time > I have enough time
  • There is too much to do > I get done what I need
  • The work never ends > I focus on what matters
  • I need more time > I have all the time I need
  • If only I had more time > There is plenty of time

Reading these new beliefs and stories, those in the room now shared that just reading these made them feel calmer and more relaxed.

What we know about being in a calm and relaxed frame of mind is that when we feel like this, we are more able to think clearly, be open-minded and easily solve problems.

Before you can make any change, you first must change your thoughts. Instead of using beliefs that are limiting, you need to change these so they work for you, and allow you to make a change. Then you can work on the strategies.

Never underestimate the power of the mind.