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These holidays are about you.

Holidays are finally here, and whilst we can’t leave the country and for some of us our state or territory, we can use this time to our advantage.

It’s been one hell of a year, teacher. You have made it through what is undoubtedly the most unpredictable start to any year ever. You did your absolute very best to teach, maintain a connection with your students and made sure no-one fell behind.

You stayed up late, learnt how to use online platforms in a matter of hours and somehow taught lessons in-between ‘show us your pet’ moments and ‘who’s playing that music? ‘.

Now though is the time to stop. Your body is tired. Exhausted. Mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s not too different from crossing the finish line after running a marathon. Out of breath, legs can’t stand up anymore but celebrating that PB anyway.

You have certainly achieved a few PBs this year teacher, and now is a time to reflect on those, be proud of yourself and allow yourself to rest.

It may seem hard to do so, or like you have to keep pushing on, but you don’t. There are some things you need to do over the next few weeks so Semester 2 can be everything you and your students need, and they aren’t all about learning.

If you have been looking for permission to practice a little self-care these holidays this is it and here are 10 ways to do it:

  1. Sleep and wake when you are ready, no alarm
  2. Turn your emails off all devices
  3. Read for leisure not learning
  4. Eat real, whole food
  5. Spend time outdoors
  6. Start a morning routine
  7. Laugh every day
  8. Do nothing
  9. Drink your coffee while it’s still hot
  10. Do something you have been putting off (tidy a cupboard, start that hobby)

I dare you to do all 10!