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Thinking or feeling?

The passing of World Teachers’ Day this week had me reflecting a little on my time as a School Principal.  It’s true that this is largely because I miss the special morning tea and the scrumptious cake that usually accompanied this event!

I also pondered a little about the choice of date for World Teachers’ Day.  Was it just a little more than coincidence that the date chosen was around the start of Term 4 as we draw breath and prepare for the frantic push towards the December finishing line?

Term 4 is always jammed with special events, compliances, tasks and responsibilities too.  And in perhaps no other industry are the deadlines for these so inflexible.

WTD is timely, even if it’s by complete accident, as it reminds us we are in an emotionally taxing industry.  And in term four the prevailing emotions can sometimes be exhaustion and overwhelm.  The problem of course, is that when we make decisions using the emotionally triggered parts of our brains, we make poor ones.  It’s when we are feeling positive that the thinking part of our brain is in play – where decision making is clear, focused, connected to purpose and impactful.

In planning for 2016, how will you manage to keep the thinking brains of your staff enacted and to limit the time spent in emotional response?  How will you allocate resource, support and strategic intent with this intention in mind?

Because if you do, then I say you are a leader of School Culture.  I say that you are motivated by creativity, collaboration, character and conscience.  I say I wouldn’t mind working with you too – and getting my hands on your WTD cake!

Two big events to get you started …

We have two extraordinary events planned for October in Melbourne that might click the thinking parts of your brains into gear.

Restorative Practices Teacher Training
Thursday 22nd October 2015

A remarkable opportunity for your people to explicitly generate positive relationships across the school community.
Click here to register immediately or email for a flyer/rego form.

School Culture In Focus Thursday 29th October 2015

A workshop like no other.  Leaders from your school will develop a real, contextual plan for focusing on your School Culture into the future.
Click here to register immediately or emai for that flyer and registration form.