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This is that message

As you know, once a semester I dedicate a Home Truth to letting you know about the events we’ve got coming up. This is that message.

I’m genuinely excited to be running some real, live, in person workshops again in the next month or two. While we’ve all gotten used to Zoom, I’m really looking forward to being in an actual room with actual Teachers and School Leaders again.

I’ll be in Melbourne (24-26 May), Sydney (2-4 June) and Brisbane (14-16 June) and I’d love to see you and your colleagues.

On the first day, I’ll be running ‘Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms’. That one’s for Classroom Teachers and is heavily geared to Teachers gaining from RP what I’ve gained – more impact and less stress. It’s such an engaging day. Register here for that one.

On the second day, I’ve got 2 x 3-hour options for School Leaders.

In the morning, it’s ‘Leading School Culture’ which is a deep exploration into defining School Culture and determining the actions and habits that underpin successful School Cultures and the leaders who run them. Here’s the registration link for this session.

Then, at 1pm we’ll be ‘Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement’. I know there’s some fatigue about one more BM program out there in our schools … so this ISN’T one of those. It’s about the conditions, not the programs, you can lead to tackle student conduct challenges. Register here if that appeals.

And yep – there’s a discounted rate if you’d like to make a full day of the Day 2 sessions.

And then, on the third day, I’m handing the reins to the incredible Amy Green who will be showing you how ‘Leading School & Teacher Wellbeing’ can be the next frontier of improvement for your school. We know that our Teachers are struggling, and it’s time for a systemic, collective and embedded approach to supporting them. Register here.

Really hoping to see you at one or more of these gigs.

Keep fighting that good fight,