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This one changes the game.

If I were to ask you why teachers continue to stand in authoritarian positions at the front of classrooms using the power of their title to force students into learning, would you have a good answer

Or could it be that the answer would be something along the lines of “Well, that’s just what teachers do?”

Ok, I can handle that.  We’re all creatures of habit.

But what if that was a habit we could break?  What would we do instead?

The answer to those questions lie in learning how to use Restorative Circles – and this FREE once-off Video Tutorial is the ticket to a new frontier in classroom practice.

Secure your place at this critically important even by CLICKING HERE.

The promise of teaching through Restorative Circles is a simple one and is twofold – you’ll be:

  1. More effective.
  2. Less stressed.

That’s certainly what learning to teach through circles has done for me.

All you need to know is the five types of circles that will cover off on all of your classroom needs and the five success principles that underpin them.  And that’s what we’ll unpack this Wednesday arvo.

I really reckon you should come along.  Actually, I reckon all the teachers in your school should.

Warm regards,