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Thoughts & Epiphanies

This week Simon, Amy and Cassie are talking thoughts and epiphanies. Addressing problems of both the heart and the head, and repairing the heart (the emotions, the connections, the relationships) before attending to matters of the head (the events, the details, the topics).

by Simon Dewar

In every school community, there will always be some disagreement, different views or different opinions.  When we approach these differences in the right way and with the right attitude, it can be healthy for growth, improvement and creating the next big idea.

Although discussing our different views is a good thing, it’s not always an easy conversation and it doesn’t always go to plan. People can get upset, offended or behave irrationally. Today’s thought isn’t about providing you with the ‘how to’ strategy for handling the conversation, it’s about one little thing you can do when that conversation goes wrong.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the advice ‘get over it’. Yes, there is probably an element of truth to that comment, but that alone won’t relieve the tension. The important thing is not to let the animosity linger. Our natural response is to avoid conflict, but that can lead to problem festering. I like to use Bill Walsh’s quote ‘Cleanse the wound before it gets infected’.

Our differences can only be resolved through discussion, so it’s crucial we talk about it.

Disagreements will happen in schools, but when we chat about them respectfully, we can avoid causing havoc for the rest of our year.

by Amy Green

This week Amy shared why adding tasks to your to-do list that make you happy are just as important as remembering you have playground duty.

To-do lists are a task-oriented recipe, but have you ever thought about what you are actually making?

As teachers, our ingredients include lessons to be planned, emails to be replied to and books to marked. We are making a busy, task-filled, not a minute to spare day.

These ingredients are important to our day, but so too is having fun, feeling calm and experiencing moments that make you happy.

So, why not add these things to your to-do list swell?

In between the parent meetings that need scheduling and the excursion that needs planning, try adding in the things that make you smile, bring you joy or simply make you feel good. It could be something as easy as getting 10 minutes of fresh air on your lunch break, starting the day with a walk or making time each night for a family meal.

By putting these things on your to-do list and choosing ingredients which you know you enjoy, you are prioritising your happiness and taking care of your own wellbeing each day.


Term 2 has kicked off with a bang – lockdowns, outbreaks or back to business as usual depending on where you are in Australia.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of tasks that we need to complete and to struggle to feel like we are back on track. My three kids are each struggling with what will be coming next in their lives and I am running around doing my best to keep everyone on track, or at least stop them from falling out of their trees.

As the lead adult in the situation, I too become overwhelmed and part of that is because I need to keep my own feelings under wraps and presenting as ‘perfectly calm, nothing to see here’ as I help them navigate their oncoming trials.

After a particularly challenging weekend I was feeling frazzled and in need of escape and so I went for a drive. As I was driving I was still thinking about their fears and concerns and strategising how I might best help them through when I was struck by the sunset. I had to pull over and take a picture not only because it was beautiful but because I realised that I had actually seen it, noticed it and been stunned by it all at once. In that moment I realised I needed to take a moment and stop. Breathe. Notice the beauty. It caught me by surprise and the surprise was exactly what I didn’t know I needed, but did.

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until it appears before you.