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Three events + eight cities = one exciting opportunity.

Across 2020, we’re expanding the opportunity for Teachers and School Leaders to access three of our acclaimed Real Schools Professional Learning Events.

For Teachers, we’re bringing Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms your way.  It’s a one-day crash course in the highest impact components of the restorative framework.  These are the key shifts in practice and language that have so transformed my own practice … and I want every Australian and NZ educator to have them.

Click here to head to our dedicated webpage where your video invitation, a flyer download and easy registration details are waiting for you. 

Leading School Culture is 1-day event specifically targeted at School Leaders who are tired of their work being dominated by operational duties, sick of being neck deep in administration and over being so distracted from the work that REALLY makes a school flourish.  We can do something about that you know … together.

And Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement is a FREE 2-hour blurt!  Quite simply, I’m going to hit you right between the eyes with the decisions that improve student behaviour in even the toughest schools, the decisions that don’t and the very reasons we’re STILL foolishly trying to program our way through this challenge.

What I hope is that I’ll get to meet you at the events near you.  What I know it that you won’t regret your decision to ensure we do.