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Too soft and it takes too long.

As a fervent advocate for Restorative Practices in our schools, I’m continually frustrated by two big myths that surround what is the best available tool for schools looking to build a rich, sustainable, relational and productive learning culture.

Myth #1 – It’s too soft.
Many schools where training alone has been the approach to embedding Restorative Practices fall for a perception that the process is about bringing kids together, having a chat, forcing an apology and sending them away to do it again.  They forget that there are three elements to any fair process:

  1. Engagement
  2. Explanation
  3. Expectation Clarity

It’s this third element that we too often forget.  Establishing the new standards clearly AND the punishments/consequences that will be deployed is critical to achieving the ‘double dip’ that closes the gap for our most challenging students.

Myth #2 – It takes too long.
This myth is perpetuated by schools who think that Restorative Practices is all about the questions on the cards.  Sure – the Restorative Questions are valuable.  But they are not a script in 99% of the instances in which we address student behaviour.  They are a guide.  And they simply guide you on a journey from Past to Present and to the Future.  That’s all.  And it can often happen more quickly than you think when a skilled practitioner understands this.

Imagine for a second that these two RP myths were … well … busted!
Imagine the potential of a research based approach to behaviour and engagement across your school.
Imagine the benefits of consistent language and thinking across your staff.

Just imagine!

Does your School Leadership fitness need a workout?

Are you just a little bit frustrated with very PL event for School Leaders being all about doing more, being more, producing more … and stressing more?

Well if we hit a nerve there – this event on Tuesday 9th June 2015 in Melbourne is for you.  And it’s only being run once!  The School Leaders’ Boot Camp is all about HOW you work as a Leader and not WHAT you need to do.


You won’t get “the 7 steps to being a better leader” (because they don’t exist!).  You will get:

  • Cutting edge techniques on leading high performance cultures.
  • Access to leadership concepts pertaining to schools of the future and not the past.
  • A new approach to leadership thinking and strategic planning.
  • A workout for your own leadership that will inspire, challenge, provoke, strengthen and connect like no other.

You won’t need your runners, but the School Leaders’ Boot Camp will stretch your thinking in a way that won’t allow it to return to its original shape.

Click here or just email for a Flyer & Rego Form. Places are limited.