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Treat Teachers Like Footballers

Key and Peele made this sketch and while on the surface it is amusing, I love them, it also hit home in a “This pisses me off because it fits” kind of way. Obviously, the link they make between teaching and test results…is…not awesome…the rest is on point.

Imagine how the teacher shortage might be addressed if teachers were given the respect, the time, the support, and the resources needed to enable them to do what they love – teach – with everything they needed – support, resources, and time. Remuneration commensurate with the complexities of the job would be the cherry on top – not the be-all and end-all that non-educators believe we want it to be.

Imagine if non-educators understood that we are there for our students. When they need us, when they don’t need us, whether they like us or not, we show up, we connect and we make a difference. We. Make. A. Difference.

In this time of teacher shortages, covid, negative media coverage and the general turmoil around our profession – know this – you are reaching your students, you are supporting them with the hard stuff, congratulating them with the good stuff and making a difference.

If Key and Peele’s sketch came to fruition and lead to teachers having sponsorships…who would you sign up with?  Just for laughs – pop it in the comments, brand and reason.

Thank you teachers, leaders and school staff – for making a difference. Everyday.

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