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Twenty-four workshops in eight cities

In 2020, we’re taking three of our acclaimed Real Schools workshops on the road!

They are:

  • Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms – a transformational 1-day experience designed to unlock any participant’s potential to make their teaching more effective and less strussful.
  • Leading School Culture – a full-day masterclass in School Culture, pulling your work into sharp focus around building a culture where your school’s strategic objectives have the best fighting chance of success.
  • Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement – an intensive 2-hr intervention designed to point your school’s behavioural ship in the right direction, without relying on some expensive program that nobody really buys into. 

Click here to hit up our dedicated Real Schools PL page where you can find out even more and also find the registration info straight away.

As you can see from the above graphic (look – it’s not quite rockstar level Tour Dates poster is it?  … but we’re running with it anyway!) I’m coming to a venue near you.  But know this – every event has limited seats and won’t be extended, so don’t mess around.

I’m so looking forward to running these PL events.  I’ve seen too many Teachers and School Leaders find a whole new direction (that sounds more rockstar for some reason?!) for themselves and their schools at these events not to!

I’ll see you there.