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Where are our Students learning?

I was in a Year 5 class just last week when a familiar topic arose – especially in the good state of Victoria.  A boy noticed my car keys as I packed up my bag after the lesson, and in particular the house key I have resplendent in its Richmond Football Club head and colours (yes – it is indeed a torturous existence!).

“Do you barrack for Richmond?” he queried.

“As a matter of fact I do.” I proudly returned. “Are you a Tiger as well?”

“Yep.  We’re going to watch them against Geelong on Saturday.  Are you going?”

“I am actually.  Do you think we’ll win?” I responded in standard fashion.

The young fellow then said something that floored me.  “Hmm, I dunno.  We were bad last week but we’re still paying $2.15 to win and Geelong are $1.70.  Hmm, we’ll probably lose.”

Really?!  This is what conversation about sport with our 10 year olds has led to?  I was gobsmacked and, frankly, saddened.

This encounter prompted me to think about the multitude of competitors we have for the education of our children.  With sport reduced to a match analysis best suited over a pot at the local public bar – rather than exercise, teamwork, camaraderie and belonging – it appears there are some fronts on which we are losing the battle.  The punt is not WHY sport exists, but our kids don’t actually know that any more.  The sporting WHY has changed … for the worse.

WHY is indeed a powerful force and changes the way we learn and engage.

Do your students know WHY they need to know what we teach them?  Have you compared the knowledge of the classroom’s importance compared to other fields that marketers and media are trying to convince them matter.

This goes directly to the motivation of our students in our learning environment.  Without a clearly established WHY, articulated excitedly and enthusiastically, our students have no reason to engage.

Be the reason.

Have you pinched a Poster?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our Restorative Practices posters.  These things are seriously bulletproof and perfect for any school looking to embed Restorative principles at the coalface.  After all, if it ain’t happening in the classroom … it ain’t happening.

These babies (the posters, not the gorgeous, well-bred children!) are just $14.95 and you just need to drop a number of each to and we’ll make the rest happen.