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We think Empathy can be learned … and we’re here to help.

Even in the mid-year break, we’re continuing our FREE Webinar Series and you’re invited for a topic that is getting a fair old run in Australian Staffrooms.  The question we’re asking is “Can you teach empathy and, if so, where on earth do we start?”

WHY should we be concerned about Empathy?
Because Australian Teachers are noticing a distinct decline in empathy levels of students, reducing their ability to build and sustain relationships with peers and authority. This is negatively impacting behaviour and also dramatically reducing their employability for the future.

HOW we can increase Empathy?
Building empathy is about increasing our students’ emotional intelligence and also their emotional vocabulary. No more should our students believe that any behaviour can only result in others feeling “happy, sad or angry”. This is about creating classroom cultures hallmarked by young people who think, who take responsibility and who can imagine walking in somebody else’s shoes. It’s about knowing the difference between sympathy, apathy and empathy too.

WHAT do we do in order to teach Empathy?
We ask the right questions and we ask them often. We get comfortable with awkward silences. We increase expectations. We support students to take higher levels of responsibility. When it comes to social problem solving – we make ourselves redundant.


If so, this webinar is for you. Designed for Teachers of all learning phases, this webinar will show you the short-term actions required to build a classroom where empathy, creativity, collaboration and understanding replace worrying increases in selfishness, mistrust and destruction. It’s a bit of a no-brainer isn’t it!?

Working hard?

Firstly, congratulations on reaching the end of another busy Semester – to you all!

We just thought we’d pay a special tribute to our friends atIlim College in Melbourne.  Last Friday, despite fasting for Ramadan … and despite it being the very last day of Semester Two … they engaged superbly in their first Real Schools PL Day as part of their Restorative Practices Partnership.

That’s working hard!  Rest well, you amazing people of the Glenroy and Primary Campuses!