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We Write The Grant Application For You

The Victorian Government has released a wonderful grant opportunity for schools.  We reckon this is a fantastic initiative that responds to a current and genuine need.

And who knows … perhaps there are similar opportunities emerging in other states too.

Quite a few schools are already working with us around an application that would incorporate high level training, cutting-edge resources and a supportive intervention around Teacher Wellbeing in their schools.  After all, it’s time.

As a result, we’re getting rather good at this grant application thingy!

So, here’s the deal.  If you’d like to access this grant to incorporate our transformational approach to Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships …. THEN WE’LL WRITE THE GRANT APPLICATION FOR YOU.

All you need to do is pick a time for a chat with the truly lovely and totally not scary Amy Green using her Calendly link . This way, she can gather some basic details about your school and how you’d like us to help.

Then we send you the completed application to submit.  That’s it!

Teacher Wellbeing is a critical challenge for school’s right now.  This is simply the easiest way to do something meaningful about it … immediately.

Warm regards,