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Welcome to teaching

Hey Graduate teacher, how is your first year of teaching going?

I imagine it isn’t how you anticipated. To be fair, no-one thought 2020 would play out like this. 

Your first year of teaching though, never really is as you expect. It doesn’t take long before you realise that perhaps some things were missing from your university degree. 

How do I organise my day? 
How do I work collaboratively? 
How do I meet the needs of all my students?

Welcome to teaching.

You have the skills to bake a cake, but no-one taught you how to ice it. They say it is the icing on the cake that matters, and in teaching icing certainly does help.

That’s why, here at Real Schools Academy, we have a course to help with this. Funnily enough, it’s titled ‘Welcome to Teaching’, and includes all that will help to make teaching that bit easier.


I suggest you take a look at Real Schools Academy and get ready to start your journey with us. Next round starts August 5th.