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We’re heading for Sydney

The overwhelming reaction that we’ve had to our FREE 2-hour Melbourne event titled “Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement” wasn’t just about the crazy number of leaders who’ve already registered.  

It was also about the NSW School Leaders who screamed back at us “Why can’t we have this?!”  You northern types really need to get some manners about you!

But we did hear you – and we’re doing something about it.  We’re coming to Sydney and on Friday 11th October so that you’ll get your chance at a bright, new future for your school that’s hallmarked by positive, respectful conduct.

Click above to check out Adam’s video invitation to NSW School Leaders.

So, why are we doing this?  Partly, it’s a passion project.  And partly, it’s because of an article bemoaning the more than 32,000 student suspensions that NSW School Leaders deployed last year.  

This event is about our contribution to reducing that number.  But don’t get me wrong – it isn’t about a glib decision to just suspend less.  It’s about the first steps that you need to take in order to build a culture where your need to suspend is reduced.  

And a reduction in suspension data is just one output you can work towards with a clear and distinct focus on School Culture.

Click the banner above to register immediately. Make it snappy as places are strictly limited.

For the investment of two measly hours, you are going to leave with:

  • Cutting edge research about how student behaviour can and does improve in schools.
  • A personalised improvement Roadmap to guide changes in thinking, language, practice and policy in your school.
  • A white paper titled “Student Behaviour Improvement …  Made Slightly Less Difficult” to support your implementation journey.

Can you spare two hours for that?

If you’re a School Leader who can – then we’re looking forward to seeing you on Friday 4th October at 8am in Sydney.  

For more info and to download a flyer just head to our dedicated event webpage by clicking here.