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What we actually need to be doing about Teacher Wellbeing

Lately, you will have noticed me talk a fair bit about Teacher Wellbeing, and I think it is fair to say this is an important issue which needs addressing.

I have spent some time studying this topic, and am pretty confident that what I am sharing with you today will not only resonate with what you have seen or even how you feel, but also give you an insight into how schools and individual teachers all have a role to play.

Teacher Wellbeing, whilst a big issue, is not up to one individual, a wellbeing coordinator or even the leadership team to solve. It might seem like the easy option to outsource our wellbeing to a box of chocolates, or with a meeting-free week, but if we want to achieve collective change and establish collective responsibility, we have to understand that before we can do this, the change we are after actually starts with self.

This means that to improve Teacher Wellbeing, you need to start with improving yourself first.

To help you to understand this a little more, and to share with you how we can address Teacher Wellbeing, I am gifting to you my latest white paper ‘Teacher Wellbeing – A Matter of Urgency’.

Get your copy here or email me at directly.

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