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What went wrong?

For all of our efforts, for all of our policy re-writes and for all the PD we’ve booked – why are we still struggling with student behaviour challenges?

For all of the programs we’ve implemented, for all of the matrices we’ve built and for all of the values we’ve defined – why are our teachers still struggling (and even leaving the profession) as a result of student behaviour challenges?

And for all of the media coverage, like this one from Townsville just last week, for all of the parental complaints and ministerials and for all of the effort, shame and angst – why have we not learned that the well-worn methods for improving student behaviour have failed?

Well, if there’s some good news within this gloomy picture, it’s that there are answers to these questions.  

This day is about providing you with:

  1. Those answers.
  2. A roadmap for a different direction in your school.
  3. A supportive resource to shift thinking and approach.
  4. A truly valuable learning and leadership experience.

If you’re a Queensland School Leader who would be up for that AND would like it entirely for FREE, then we’ll look forward to receiving you registration.

Click here to register immediately.

For more info just click here to visit our dedicated event webpage.