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What’s changed … in terms of conduct?

There’s a reason that most schools, and even whole jurisdictions of schools, are running new, positively marketed, behaviour management programs these days.  

It’s because the last one didn’t work.

On the other side of that program implementation, things just didn’t change between real people.  Did they?

And, right now – as you plan for 2020 in your school – you have a choice.  You could implement another program – or even go back to the well with an old one!  Or you could realise that it’s not THAT program that was the problem.  It’s all programs … full stop.

Click here to head to our dedicated webpage where your video invitation to the Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement event in Brisbane is waiting.

 We’re running “Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement” in Brisbane to show you the non-program way to transform culture and conduct and your school.  

I reckon, deep down, you already knew this, but it lies in:

  • A deep exploration of how and why we continually return to this place of behavioural distress.
  • A reframing of the solution as being a cultural one and not a program one.
  • A deciding upon key actions for your school that build momentum for working differently.

It’s not only the registration that’s FREE.  You’ll leave with a FREE White Paper on the topic and a FREE roadmap so that you can begin implementation immediately … making 2020 the year that, beyond programs, things actually change in your school. 

Click here to register immediately for LWSBI in Brisbane 10am on Friday 15th November 2019.