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What’s “top of mind” in your school?

One of the reasons I built Real Schools was a very genuine frustration I had as a Principal.  That frustration was the gradual decline in focus and implementation of my staff following Professional Learning ‘events’.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible PL providers out there marrying some wonderful intellectual property with an engaging and enthusiastic presentation style.  But what happens after they’re gone?

My experience was six distinct steps:

  1. A honeymoon period following an awesome event, where folk eagerly try out new strategies and approaches.
  2. Some short-term wins building enthusiasm and confidence.
  3. A little fewer wins as students adjust to the new practice and changes.
  4. Frustration at the slowing of success rate.
  5. Regression to previous default practices.
  6. “What was that PD thingy we did at the start of the year about again?”
  7. Gee, we need some training on this problem we have with practice.

How do we keep the change agenda, the learning and an implementation bias at top of mind?  Because the truth is that, if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.

At Real Schools we like to keep Teacher Practice at top of both mind and the improvement agenda.  It’s why we have a growing Membership of schools who are now receiving access to monthly:

  • Teacher Practice articles with direct links to the AITSL Standards for Teachers.
  • Cultural Leadership articles with direct links to the AITSL Standards for Principals.
  • Our 3-4 minute Staff Meeting Conversation Starter videos.
  • Full access to the archive of articles, videos, webinars and e-books … all geared towards building relational, sustainable School Cultures.

Sounds expensive eh?  Well head to our dedicated Membership Page now and register (without a credit card!) for 12 months of this support for your entire school community … for $249 Further, this will grant you full access to our exclusive Member Section and all the full archive of resources for your whole school community – Leaders, Teachers, non-Teaching Staff, Parents and even your Student Leaders.

Tracking Fast!

Also – don’t forget our August offer of the 12-month Teacher FastTrack for just $695 (down from $950).

We won’t bother you with the enormous list of benefits for Teachers in your school.  Just head to our Teacher FastTrack webpage, watch the video and pop in your details.  Yep – that’s all it takes!