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What’s your Teacher Dipstick telling you?

If the wellbeing of your Teachers were an engine, how well would you say it’s running after ¼ of the 2016 school year?  Imagine if you could simply pull out the dipstick of that engine to reveal the true energy levels, the true enthusiasm levels, the true stress levels and the true resilience levels of your Teachers.  How much oil do you think would be on that dipstick?  Hmmm.

Teaching is taxing.  In some ways … so it should be.  And it’s the level of change that is recently contributing to Teachers stress levels being far beyond that of other professions.  It’s time we did something about that.  And no, this isn’t about yoga sessions or Friday afternoon drinks (although there’s nothing wrong with that either!).

We’re running a FREE WEBINAR this coming Thursday (14thApril) at 3.30pm AEST titled “How to Survive and Thrive in an Ever Changing Educational Landscape”.  It’s geared at five direct take-aways for the trouble of your Teachers’ investment of just one hour:

  • How to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Strategies to deal with stress.
  • How to set an example that builds a resilient and productive teaching team.
  • How to use your strengths to overcome challenging situations.
  • The way to connect your strengths to improved resilience.

We think that accessing your colleagues to this event is an utter no-brainer and you should waste no time in registering here for an event that may just transform staff wellbeing in your school this year. Of course – that’s just our opinion!

We can’t wait to see you there.

Welcome aboard!

We’d like to welcome our newest Real Schools Partner Schools to the fold:

  • Ilim College – Primary Campus (Vic)
  • Ilim College – Glenroy Campus (Vic)
  • Cranbourne Park Primary School (Vic)

These schools are not only investing genuinely in Teacher Capacity to transform teacher performance, but they are establishing a carefully tailored school culture that allows behaviour to facilitate, rather than hinder, their objectives for student learning outcomes.

Is your school next?  Click here to find out what’s involved.