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When fun is the point.

We hear it routinely being asked in schools.  How can we make learning fun?

But just occasionally, the learning isn’t as important as the fun.

We want to thank the 189 teachers who chose fun for themselves on Thursday evening and attended “A Trivia Night For Trapped Teachers”.

There were so many laughs … mostly driven by the names chosen by participants for themselves and by the mistakes we made as hosts!  (Yes – we’d like to acknowledge that Transylvania is actually in Romania and that spelling Vygotsky’s name right in front of educators is a good idea!)
For us, it was a joy to connect with you all for no other reason than to have fun.  And these pics are just a couple of the ‘class photos’ we took on the night.

If you won a round … then Kris is well on the task of getting your prize pack to you.

And finally, a big thanks to Rohan Dredge who made the Trivia Night a REAL TRIVIA NIGHT with his donation of a locally provided meat tray for the Paper Plane challenge.

Keep having fun, educators.  Remember that fun, as the point, is beyond valid.  It’s critical.