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When is enough …. enough?

This is Sarah.  She makes my coffee every morning and is one of those cool baristas that don’t ask for your order when you walk in … she just knows.

Through our masks, we discuss all manner of things while she whips up my strong skinny flat white and Anthea’s latte.  Lately, and for obvious reasons, there’s been a lot of coronavirus talk.  Too much coronavirus talk actually.

So instead, I asked Sarah about the sign you can see behind her.  Sarah told me this is how she taught her kids to cook.  She says there are times that you don’t need to measure stuff or to be precise … you just know.

There seems to be a lot of stuff that Sarah just knows.

It got me to thinking about schools as I drank my coffee.  You’re all working so bloody hard this year.  Yet, many educators I talk to are grappling with an incessant feeling of guilt that it’s just never enough.

So, if you can’t hear the voice of your ancestors telling you that enough is enough, then I’m happy to step in.

What you’re doing is plenty.  From my angle, it’s actually extraordinary.  The work you do is good enough.  You are good enough.  Feel free to say to yourself and to your colleagues “that’s enough child” for no other reason than … it really is.

When I walked into Sarah’s café this morning there was a conversation box on the counter.  Customers can now add or withdraw topics of conversation from the box that are:

  1. non-coronavirus related.
  2. positive.

So yeah, if you’ve had enough of the c-word at the moment, then you also have my blessing to just talk about something else for a while too.  Anything.  Enough already.

Warm regards,