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Who wants to read a Blog post in the middle of December?

Seriously. Who? If you’re reading this, you’re definitely a sucker for punishment. It’s holidays people! Time to get out there and see what’s been happening outside the four walls of your classroom/office. As you’re planning your escape route out of the school for 2023 (or you may have already left!) who wants to read anything that remotely comes close to a ‘professional reading’…


So, with that in mind, I’m going to share the Top 5 ways I will fill in time between now and when that moment in January occurs when the switch in our brain turns back to school…


  1. Read: as much as possible. Currently reading a book on Leadership by Eddie Jones (he’s still coach of the England Rugby Union team when the book was written, it might need a rewrite after his recent Wallabies disaster!) but can’t wait to jump into the new Matthew Reilly book “Mr Einstein’s Secretary’. His books are perfect for the end of year break when my brain cells are in recovery mode – there’s nothing even remotely cerebral about a Matt Reilly novel! (PS – if you’re in the professional headspace, ‘The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice’ is well worth a look)
    • Question: What will you be reading?


  1. Watch: Single. Ball of every single test match, Big Bash game and European Premier League cricket match. (Ok, the EPL might be a stretch but it’s at least worth watching the highlights for a good laugh!) Also planning on binging on The Bear (Disney), Shameless (Binge) and (according to my wife at least) the latest season of The Crown (Netflix)     
    • Question: What will you be watching?


  1. Listen: totally addicted to The Howie Games podcasts (his tour diary in India during the cricket World Cup was next level awesome!) but the Smartless podcast (featuring Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett) is as close to comedy perfection as you’re going to get.
    • Question: What will you be listening to?


  1. Get out of the city: usually our family of 7 (two adults + 5 kids) go on crazy camping adventures over the break, but this year we’re bravely venturing overseas and doing a week in Bali. Wish us (and the good people of Bali!) luck as the chaos of Team Blinkhoff (anyone remember the Griswold’s?) descends! (never been to Bali – very open to any pearls of wisdom you may have!)
    • Question: Where are you going for holidays?


  1. And… Scroll: waste an inordinate amount of time scrolling through social media, WhatsApp and Fox Sports. I also have an unnatural obsession with Monopoly GO! and BBL Supercoach so will spend way too much time on those, probably at the detriment of spending any quality time with my wife and children.
    • Question: What will you be scrolling?


So… I am clearly a human being with plenty of flaws (I haven’t even mentioned the day drinking!) But in the interests of professional sharing with our colleagues, and surely this means it counts towards professional learning hours, what’s your Top 5 activities to do over the Christmas break?? Be brave and throw them in the comments section below! (NB: You never know what resonates – you might provide inspiration for a colleague you may never meet!)


If nothing else, to all the amazing educators out there, whatever you’re up to, enjoy a very well-deserved break over summer. Have an awesome Chrissy with family and friends and do whatever it is that brings you joy!


I’m super excited about continuing this amazing work of transforming education in Australia in 2024, but for now I’ve got to get back to Monopoly GO! and earn some more dice rolls… Focus Paul… focus!!!