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Why I’m giving my book away to every teacher

It feels weird and counterintuitive to just give stuff away when you’re trying to run a business.

At Real Schools, we chose to do just that rather fiercely in 2020. Around the time that various states, especially Victoria, went into extensive lockdowns and remote learning periods, we had a team conversation about what we needed to be for schools in that awful year.

We decided to be:

  1. Useful – and so we created products and services for the new reality.
  2. Generous – we were going to give it away and run free online webinars without any expectation that those who attend need to “sign on” for something else.
  3. Advocates – that looked like me picking a fight, especially in the media, with anyone who dared to have a crack at teachers.

It felt good and it felt like the right thing to do.

Now that some semblance of normalcy is being approached in schools, the natural business order of things seems to be that we should go back to charging teachers for our support. Somehow, even writing that doesn’t come out right.

So, I’m just not going to.

We’re going to continue to help teachers for free in more than this way, but I reckon making my book Restoring Teaching completely free to all teachers (you pay only the postage) constitutes a good start.

Just click here and we’ll get your copy in the mail pronto.

That feels better to write.

Keep fighting that good fight,

PS.  Amy Green and I are running some pretty cool workshops in May/June for teachers and school leaders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We’re also approaching these with that intention to be outrageously useful. I hope you’ll come along so we can connect face-to-face.

PPS. If you know another teacher who would benefit from the book, please forward this to them

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