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Will Your Semester Two Tank Run Dry?

How did Semester One end for you?  I know that in my time as a Principal or Teacher, there were occasions (of course, not all of the time!) when I pulled into the mid-year break without another drop of fuel in the tank.  Usually, when this happens it was the superfluous or operational tasks that had drained me.

I felt like I’d lost my focus.  That keeping the tasks in my diary and the achievements in my day aligned with my purpose had been impossible.  Let’s face it – schools are now busier places than they’ve ever been.

Yet, we’re determined at Real Schools that your purpose is connected to your work and to the work of your colleagues.  As we commence Semester Two, we thought we might just show you a little of how we do it – allowing you the chance to explore and determine just what might keep that tank full this semester for your school.

School Partnerships
We work with schools for as long as three years to build successful and high-performing School Cultures.  Head to our dedicated School Partnerships webpage to watch a brief video on how you can access a critical friend who has “been there and done that” this for your school.

Executive Coaching
I personally coach many School Leaders on just how they can steadily improve and align work focus, school performance and leadership thinking.  Our dedicated Coaching webpagewill tell you more, or you can email the White Paper sitting behind this program “Solving the problem of the over-worked, over-accountable and highly distractible School Leader”.

Teacher FastTrack
To keep highly effective Teacher Practice on your school’s agenda, we’ve developed a 12-month program that supports a total transformation in practice for participant Teachers. Just click here to watch the video and find out more.

Real Schools Community Membership
Just click here to sign your whole School Community up for only $249 per year to monthly articles on Teacher Practice and Cultural Leadership, along with our Staff Meeting Conversation Starter Videos.  And yes – you get access to the full archive of resources when you climb on board.

Now that’s how you keep a tank topped up!