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I’ve spoken to a few Principals lately who have made the decision to focus on the culture of their school … soon.

They want to wait first for some clear air, for ‘things’ to settle down, for some other programs and mandates to be implemented first.  They’re worried about overwhelming their staffs and they fear a tipping point, a metaphorical dropping of all the balls we’re juggling if we throw in even just one more ball.

And I totally understand that.  In fact, I think I’ve made similar remarks myself.

But what we’re overlooking is that focusing on culture, for instance by implementing Restorative Practices, isn’t actually one more thing to do.  When you focus on culture, you don’t create additional work for people – you make that work more effective, easier and less stressful.

So, don’t treat cultural leadership like a ball to juggle.

Instead, treat it like saving for retirement.  Any decent financial advisor will tell you the perfect time to commence that endeavour is … yesterday.  They don’t advise that you wait until your last holiday is paid off, until your kids move out, until you’ve got a new car or you’ve completed your home renovations.

You start the long-term and important work immediately.

Fortunately, I’ve also spoken to some incredibly enlightened Principals who are cognisant  that yesterday really is the perfect time for a plan for your people and culture.  They’re brave enough to admit that soon rarely arrives at all.

And they know that their staffs, students and parents deserve better than to have a strong, relational, sustainable culture … at some non-determined point in the future.

They deserve it yesterday.

But today will do.

Keep fighting that good fight,

PS. You can get the ball rolling for your school a couple of ways:

  1. Book a time to chat directly with me about your school’s culture at this link.
  2. Come along to one, or more, of our June/July workshops for Teachers &/or School Leaders.
  3. Sign your school up for the Real Schools App.
  4. Check out the options to become a Real Schools Partner School. There’s also a starting point survey on this page that you can take immediately.    

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