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Yo Adrian!

I’m a bit of a sucker for the Rocky movies.  Of course, their predictable plotlines and moments of wild, climactic triumph contribute to that.  I just can’t wait for the “Yo Adrian!” moment at the end of each installment.

One of my favourite parts of the movies are the training scenes.  Each movie has one supported by a heavy power ballad as the soundtrack.  I particularly love the training scene in Rocky IV where, in preparation to take on the Russian super-human in Ivan Drago, Rocky retreats to the wilderness.  He lifts rocks, chops down logs and even drags his simple bro-in-law Paulie through the snow on a sled.  It’s so corny … yet oddly inspiring.

What’s that about?  Well, the reason we’re prepared to push aside the corn and just enjoy the moment is a simple one.  Stallone has tapped into something that we all know quite deeply and intrinsically – that the type of transformational change capable of outrageous triumph requires two things:

  1. doing the things that really matter differently.
  2. Hard, hard work.

So my question to you is whether you’re using this summer off to do the routine things like metaphorical re-charging of “batteries”, clearing email backlogs, re-writing timetables and updating policies?  If you are stop it.

This is the time to hit the wilderness.  Train differently.  Train harder.  Look at your school from a different perspective.  Work on it a different way.  Strip back the superfluous operational garbage and pierce what you know to be core business.  Remove the immovable obstacles.

That’s how 2016 is going to provide your “Yo Adrian” moment.  It starts now and if this feels a little like I’m speaking directly to you, then you should start your Rocky Balboa training regime by reading the below.

A School Culture Conference like no other
“The Formula for a High-Performing School Culture”

Thursday January 21st 2016

  • A day of game-changing work on Staff Wellbeing with renowned and personally successful School Principal, Ryan Martin.  Titled “Getting Real About Staff Wellbeing” Ryan will show you how performance and achievement underpin wellbeing far better than yoga lessons and “work/life balance” ever can.

Friday January 22nd 2016

  • Leading Whole School Behaviour improvement is the biggest exercise in obstacle removal you can tackle.  This is still what’s in the way of higher student cohort performance and is also what’s deflating staff effectiveness most rapidly.  Your schools will have a plan for this after a full day with Adam Voigt working on your school.

What do you do?
Register immediately here to attend in St.Kilda Melbourne for both or either Conference days.
Check out the Conference Webpage .
Email info@realschools requesting the Conference Prospectus and Registration Details.

Gonna fly now?