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You still have time – just not much it!

There’s not much time until our only two public events for the rest of 2016.

Restorative Practices Teacher Training 22nd October 2015 in Melbourne CBD

And yes, you probably should FIRST click on the above link about the value in this amazing day!

School Culture In Focus 29th October 2015 in Melbourne CBD

Who should attend the RP Training?

  • Teachers from any school at any phase of learning who are interested in more effective practice and reduced stress levels.
  • Teachers from existing Real Schools Partners who are new to the school and want to know what this whole RP thing is all about.
  • Teachers and School Leaders from schools who are curious about what RP might be able to do for you.
  • Teachers and School Leaders who would like to improve student behaviour and establish consistency in practice across the school.

If this is for you or somebody in your team, then don’t mess around.  CLICK HERE – or just drop us a line at to receive the Flyer and Rego Form (you old school person you!)

Registrations are capped to 50 Teachers for this event so that the day is highly interactive and also productive.


The School Culture In Focus event is something out of the box for your School Leadership team!

Put it this way – DON’T register if you aren’t scrambling for time to actually work on your School Culture, to define it, to determine it and to plan for it’s development.  Numbers are very strictly limited as this is no passive, conference experience – we’ll be rolling our sleeves up and you’ll be leaving with product!  Register here  or email Kris at for the Flyer & Rego Form.