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I saw the incomparable Emma Murray speak at a conference yesterday. For me, this alone presents an unmissable fanboy moment as Emma is the high-performance mindset coach for the Richmond Football Club … my beloved team.

Emma is seen by many as being a “secret weapon” in their recent run of premiership successes.

Emma spoke to how we can produce our “A-Game” more often by remembering our strengths and taking action, almost of any kind, within those strengths.

But we all have a B-Game too.  We play our B-Game when we’re distracted by negativity, problems and uncontrollables.

The great part of the A-Game is that it’s easier.  It’s the B-Game that leads to heaviness, exhaustion and burnout.  But when we’re in our groove doing something like building a connection, sharing a story or lighting up a student/colleague/parent we feel lighter and more joyful.

The A-Game is not only close to effortless, it’s also better for us and more productive.

Emma also points out that our cave-dwelling days, where we genuinely needed to be on threat alert constantly to survive, is behind the urge to go B-Game.  We’ve been hardwired across the millenia to seek risks and problems.

And so, it isn’t merely about stopping your negative thoughts about school or a student or a day and “thinking positively” that helps.  Nor is it helpful to beat yourself up for lapsong.

It’s better to just notice that B-Game and accept it with a “You know what, it’s ok to be a bit stressed considering what’s going on at the moment”.

And then just do something A-Game-ish.


Oh … and thanks for the premierships, Emma.

Keep fighting that good fight,

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