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Support for APs… but not as we’ve known it.

If you are like most Assistant or Deputy Principals, you will be reading this email in the late hours of the evening or even worse, you will be using your weekends to catch up and clear your inbox.
It can be a relentless job, and if you have ever been asked “What did you do today?”, the most obvious answer would be “Everything”. I’m not even going to try and list the specific tasks or the nitty-gritty details, I just know that your day would be best described as keeping everyone and everything in your school moving in the right direction. Every day, you make a significant contribution to allowing the magic to happen.
Striving to be the AP who implements, drives and leads a real and measurable impact in your school daily is a mighty quest. It’s a quest that every AP will strive to succeed in. The reality is that success won’t come easy, and in some cases, we may never feel that sense of accomplishment.
That is, until now.

If you want to be the AP who takes your leadership to the next level so you can thrive in your role and exceed expectations, our Intentional Leadership coaching program is designed specifically for you. This coaching program will support you to increase your impact, to empower others and to effectively lead change in your school.  And we’re ready to get started the moment you are. 

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