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Teacher Fitness

The hardest workout has gotta be the first one.

I’m not a particularly fit guy, but I’m currently in a pretty healthy habit around daily exercise.  I attend a local backyard gym run by young, local footballers.  I’m the oldest and fattest person there – but they’re really helpful and kind.

Through their support, understanding and expectation, the habit has actually been installed of a 5.15am workout every day.  It’s kind of gotten easy.  But I can tell you, that first 4.48am alarm (Yes, I’m that specific about every minute of sleep available.  Don’t tell me you aren’t!) was a killer.

I’ve spoken to several teachers lately who said that 2021 is really hard work and some even have blamed 2020 for ruining their fitness.  In 2020, especially in lockdown periods, there were almost no after-school meetings, school productions, formals, parent-teacher evenings, school camps, NAPLAN preparation, Bunnings sausage sizzles to attend or excursions.

It makes sense.  Not in all ways, but in some, teaching actually got a little easier last year.

Now, we’re starting those things up once more.  And it’s suddenly hard.  Exhausting even.

Perhaps treat each of these newly instituted requirements like the first workout.  Yes, it’s hard.  But in time, the installation of them as habits will require less effort.  And I like the sound of anything becoming effortless.

When Amy Green speaks to Physical Self as one of her domains of Teacher Wellbeing, I think this rebuilding of our teaching fitness is what she’s on about.

Keep fighting that good fight,

PS. Amy is working with School Leaders in Melbourne on Wednesday 26th May, in Sydney on Friday 4th June and in Brisbane on Wednesday 16th June to teaching them about Leading School & Teacher Wellbeing. Registering here might feel like the first workout, but it’ll get easier from there.

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