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Planning for a better 2021? We can get this done.

Hasn’t 2020 proven to be a rather big year? But it will end and the next one will commence.  That’s just how things go.  And, as daunting as the thought of 2021 might be, you can do this.  Yes, you can.
I came across this 2016 clip from the UK that served as a reminder that all and any obstacles can be overcome. I think I needed to see this!

You’ve got an Assistant or Deputy Principal who deserves a coaching program that respects the busy-ness and reality of their role.“Intentional Leadership” is a 12-month commitment to support with a bias for impact and clarity.  Immediate start available.
Your staff deserve (and don’t they all!) a collective boost to Wellbeing through a focus on the next level of self-care for educators.Our “Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships” and 52 weeks of video, e-book, authored content, podcasts and online connectivity is the simplest and most meaningful way. Immediate start available.
You have teachers in your school who are new to the profession and desperate for meaningful and practical support.Our 12-month “Beginning Teacher Partnerships”  can commence immediately.  This is genuinely groundbreaking stuff available to both individuals and whole schools as a license.
You have School Leaders who are looking to lead Restorative Practices implementation in a truly supported and tailored way.Then let’s get them into “The Inner Circle” where they’ll get a full year of cutting edge resources, group mentoring and individual coaching to make this whole school cultural shift a more than an ambition.  Next intake is January 2021.
You reckon 2021 is the year that your whole school gets serious about the benefits of building a restorative school community and culture.Our famed 3-year School Culture Partnerships where a proven School Principal provides Professional Learning, In-Class Support, Mentoring/Coaching, Parental Engagement and all the resources required … well, that’s just what we do expertly.
And that’s available to you the moment you’re ready to contemplate it.

IF you’d like to get started on any of this, THEN you’re now just a click away.
IF it requires a chat, THEN just reply to this email and we’ll take it from there.
That’s IF you’re ready, of course.

Warm regards,